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Our Mission

We are leading the media revolt, torching the establishment and giving rise to powerful young voices. No one will stand in our way as we blaze a new trail for independent thought, backed by the strength of underrepresented communities. We can also be bought and smoothly integrated into any other company you may have. Gizmodo would be great. 

I got bullied mercilessly by everyone in high school, including teachers, and I’ve still never met anyone as mean as the staff at Buttroxx. They’re the best.
— Burt Gempfer,

What We've Achieved

  • People feel extremely bad when they read what we write.
  • Good. Fuck em. Let them sit around in those thoughts.
  • We are the Number 1 repository for "Real Housewives" gifs.
  • We make people angry enough to show their ass online, whereupon our regular commenters destroy them for likes.
  • We got a Webby award somewhere here.
  • Our Slack is so funny. It's really funny.
  • Many of our Slack convos get repurposed into articles. That's how insanely funny we are.
  • We were the first to make the joke about how there are four White Chrises in film (Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt - in that order!)