Here's just a small sampling of what we're up to.



Currently we are working on a podcast about Big Little Lies called “Monterey Queens.” It's mostly going to be our hosts, gossiping about the characters from the first season (and the second, whenever it comes out) like we're background characters in the show. You know all those annoying talking heads in the first season that were being questioned by the police? Just catty randos who added absolutely nothing to the story at all, haphazardly edited in? Yeah it'll be that bullshit but in podcast form.

We also have another podcast called "Slack-Jawed," where we just marvel in astonishment at how funny our Slack chat is. Especially Sandra before she has coffee in the morning. Don't even.




We currently have a reporter embedded in the least racist city in America, for an upcoming longform entitled "Seattle: Nah This Place is Racist AF Too."

We also have some iPhone footage that our staff reporter once took of a party clown, sitting at a bus stop bench at 4 AM on a Tuesday. After four minutes of staring off, a black windowless van pulled up to the bench with a screech of the tires, the clown got in the driver's seat, and as they drove off, another party clown was seated on the bench, having taken the first party clown's place. We are going to get to the bottom of whatever the fuck that was, and drag it out for 10,000 words.




But then I remember life is going to be okay.